An Initiative by IIMT Innovation Cell To Fight Against COVID-19


Incubation Grant up to ₹ 15 lakhs.*

Up to ₹ 2k Amazon gift Vouchers as motivational prize 

Cash Prize up to ₹ 20k*

Congratulations to winners




The mega online challenge “KAVACH” has been launched by IIMT Innovation cell and IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida in collaboration with MSME to evaluate the capability of students, innovators and Start Up’s to innovate. This ideathon is open for all, anyone from any organization having an idea that fight COVID-19 is eligible to participate in this challenge. The participants of this ideathon will develop design, simulate the idea and also develop such solutions that can be made accessible to the government authorities for the implementation in the area like health, hospitals and other services for for speedy answers for the issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Solutions related to testing, screening, vaccines and treatment of COVID-19 is considered along with all suggestions related to country economy, preventive measures, goods delivery system, transportation, Social Distancing, Quarantine Centers, Aviation, Railways, Daily wage earners, healthcare models, Online Delivery systems, Telemedicines and many more will also be considered for evaluation.


Inviting students, innovators, researchers, educators and start up’s from all over the India to share their idea and solutions along with simulation and validations so, that we can combinedly fight against this lethal pandemic.

We require Mentors to suggest participants and to boost their idea, so that the chances of wining for the participants can be increased. Mentors having expertise in any field can register to share their knowledge and helps our country to overcome this pandemic situations. (All mentors will be certified and recognized by the IIMTIC.)

The program will be hosted completely online on the internet during which several ideas to fight the COVID-19 pandemic shall be selected, evaluated, mentored and promoted to the next stages of prototype development support. Selected participants will go through a continuous process of idea endorsement, improvement, proposal generation and evaluation, questioning and regular assessments, to discover the most novel and innovative ideas.

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It is highly recommended for all the participants to tweet ” We have submitted an idea to IIMTKAVACH 2020 named “…..” #IIMTKAVACH”. by tagging @iimtnoida to complete their submission



Shortlisted Idea will be declared on 31st May, 2020

Selected team will be notified through email and ideathon  will start from  1st June, 2020.

Final result will be announced after 4 iteration levels latest by 7th June, 2020.

Every Selected Participants will be awarded with certificates and assured rewards.


Contact Person – Saswat Kumar Das | Mayank Raj   Phone: +91 7302254559| +91 7070018888    Email: |

*We will help you to get prototype development grant up to ₹15 lakhs. *Top three winners will be rewarded with cash reward up to ₹20k. * Three amazon gift vouchers up to ₹2k  will be provided as motivation prize to participants


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