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Innovation is the major world changing word of  the 21st Century. Research and innovation are two important pillars in the establishment of a successful technology. Research refers to the thorough analysis and systemic approach to a subject while Innovation refers to the significant contribution to a product or phenomenon.
In today’s world, research and innovation go hand in hand and it is very important for higher education institutions to incorporate balanced studies which inculcate both these values equally.
Research and knowledge becomes innovation once it is applied in a novel manner to create a new and profitable outcome



Expert of Computer Network, Network Security, Cryptography, IOT Network, Cloud Computing and many more.


Innovation is really about responding to change in a creative way. It’s about generating new ideas, conducting R&D, improving processes or revamping products and services. At another level, it’s also about a mindset in your business: One where your staff, whether in the executive offices or on the shop floor, are always focused on continuous improvement and constantly thinking outside of the box. It helps to look at examples where other entrepreneurs have made or are making their mark. Innovation can be a larger-scale venture where a new product or service, such as Google, has changed fundamentally how we do business. Or it could be a low-cost internal initiative such as improving a process in your business that can lead to dramatic savings in overhead costs.

Innovation is the soul of academics. It simplifies concept building and transforms new ideas into innovations in pursuance of a new era of passion for researches. The Innovation Cell at IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida aims to inculcate research temperament for the students, innovators, researchers and startup’s by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Technology. It encourages the students, innovators, researchers and startup’s to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Engineering & Technology multidisciplinary fields. This enhances the general research capability of building technocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition etc.


  • To develop research skills among the faculty and students.
  • To promote and to encourage the aspiring students and faculty members
    to carry out research in the field of science, engineering and technology
    by providing necessary facilities and infrastructures required for them.
  • To work closely with the industrial needs that eventually will result in
    new or improved products, processes, systems or services that can
    increase the company’s productivity.
  • To have Periodical interactive session with entrepreneurs/industrialists.
  • To enhance skill development training and self employment opportunities.
  • To serve government by taking up sponsored projects.
  • To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial
    opportunities for our students and to organize talent show, in-house
    exhibition etc.


  • To prepare annual research activity plan for all the departments.
  • To take up appropriate problems of the industry for finding solutions through R&D projects assigned to faculty and students.
  • To explore technological developmental opportunities in common application areas such as transport, traffic regulation, security, healthcare etc. and assign them to faculty and students.
  • To initiate and promote MoU with industries and R&D organizations for consultancy, collaborative research, sponsored projects, industry and Institute interactions etc.
  • To arrange brainstorming sessions through talks by eminent personalities from industry, R&D organizations and institutions of repute for the better understanding of research methodology and practices currently followed.
  • To support faculty for delivering talks at different events and conducting workshops, training programs, seminars, conferences, symposium and faculty development programs.
  • To motivate students for presenting papers in National and International conferences and projects in competitions and exhibitions. To monitor progress of the research and development activity.


Prof. S K Mahajan

Research Advisor

Retd. Senior Scientist from CSIR CEERI Pilani, Expertise in Semi Conductor devices, single board computers, Shell Scripting and many more.



More than 20 years of Academic Experience, Expert in Production Management, Manufacturing, Thermal Analysis and many more.



Expert of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, 3D Modeling, Product Electronics, Product Business Plan and Start Up Accelerator.

Our team also consists of innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs of different colleges, startup’s and industries. They are contentiously working to solve major society problem with the help of their talent in the respective field. 

Young creative team

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